About the University Rover Challenge

Key facts about the competition
Name The 2015 University Rover Challenge (URC)
Hosted by The Mars Society ("An international non-profit humans to Mars organization.")
Date May 28 – May 30 (2015)
Place Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville (Utah)
Rulebook View the 2015 official requirements and guidelines.
Website View the University Rover Challenge official site.

Science 3

This year, McGill Robotics will be preparing a new rover for a theoretical mission to the Red Planet. As a new entry, the team will be competing in the Mars Society’s 2015 University Rover Challenge, an annual robotics competition calling for engineering and science students to build the next generation of Mars rovers. The University Rover Challenge (URC) is an annual competition bringing multiple international student teams together to let their tele operated rover accomplish various complex tasks in the unique Mars-like environment at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). Since its creation in 2006, the competition grew every year to hold more than 20 teams last year, and expect even more for this current year. The competition will take place from May 28-30, 2015, at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah. For more information, please see the competition website at http://urc.marssociety.org/




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