McGill Robotics participates in five international robotics competitions every year. This year, we decided to bring the competition home to spread our passion for robotics and encourage students to pursue robotics and engineering. RoboHacks 2016 was McGill Robotics’ first ever hackathon,  a weekend-long invention marathon. Hackers from across the continent were challenged to build a project – any project – within the theme of robotics.

Group Photo Robohacks

Hackers at the 2016 event were given access to ton of cool hardware, including platforms from leading robotics companies like Adept MobileRobots and Clearpath,and parts from the biggest hobbyist robotics suppliers like Pololu and DFRobot. Participants included CEGEP, undergraduate and masters students, and aligning with our mission to inspire students to build robots, RoboHacks was extremely beginner friendly. In total, we offered eight hours of tutorials ranging from a crash course on programming with Arduino to an introductory ROS tutorial, given by some of our own members and experienced tech teachers. There were lots of mentors on-site throughout the event to answer questions and spread their love of all things robotics!

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The 2016 RoboHacks event was a huge success. Over 140 hackers from more than 9 universities attended the event and created some amazing robots. RoboHacks allowed McGill Robotics to spread our love for robotics to students around Montreal and a bit farther from home inspiring an interest in robotics and technology. To learn more about RoboHacks, click here.


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