Join the Team

McGill Robotics is recruiting passionate students for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Deadline to apply:

September 22, 2019 @ 11:59pm EST

Recruitment Overview

If you have a passion for robotics and want to join us, our recruitment this year consists of a short application and an face-to-face with one of our senior members. The application helps us match you with a spot on the team according to your preferences and the face-to-face with our leads will be a great chance to quickly get to know you better. The face-to-face meetings will happen during either workshop visits or, if you can't attend those, a one-on-one scheduled later in the week.

When looking for new members, what we look for most are passion and dedication. Experience is not necessary! We love people who love robots. If you've had previous experience, that is a bonus, but only really important if applying for leadership positions.

Technical Projects

Robotics is an incredibly interdisciplinary field that presents unique challenges in the realms of mechanical, electrical, software, and firmware design. Regardless of which project you choose, there will be ample opportunity to take on interesting these interesting challenges yourself.

For the past several years, our team has designed and competed with several robots, including an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), a Drone, and a Mars Rover. This year our team will be focusing on the AUV and Drone projects, with positions open in all engineering positions, including some leadership roles.

Business Endeavors

Running a large, diverse, and involved design team requires a strong business side to support all our projects and mission. Students with entrepreneurial inclinations are encouraged to apply. Like the technical positions, recruitment involves filling out the application and performing an interview.

On the business side, the major groups that will be recruiting are Marketing & Design, Outreach, and Sponsorship. It is also possible to help out in multiple roles or have a secondary role on a technical team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out more about joining McGill Robotics?

During September, right before the interviews start, our team will be hosting several info-sessions where we will give an in-depth overview of the team. Also, feel free to approach our team members during the SSMU Activities Nights, Engineering Involvement Day, or after the info-sessions for any specific questions. For specific dates, times, and locations for the info-sessions, new recruit form or follow us on Facebook.

2. Can I join McGill Robotics if I have no experience?

One major part of our mission is mentorship and inspiring year after year of new roboticists. As mentioned above, what we look for in new members is passion and dedication. Experience is not necessary because the team is a place to learn.

3. Will this be my only chance to join the team?

We're always looking for new members who are passionate about robotics and always take as many members as we can accommodate. We will be hosting a second smaller round of recruitment in the winter Semester and of course next fall again.

If you aren't ready to commit to the team, we're hoping to host a couple introductory robotics workshops throughout the year. This may be a good opportunity to learn more and see if robotics is the field for you before committing.

3. Can I join multiple projects?

When starting on the team, you are matched to a position according to your preferences. For the most part, this will be your primary role for the rest of the year. As you settle into this role and become a senior member, you can change your role to work on other projects.

For business members, taking on a secondary role in a technical project is encouraged for all those motivated and interested. Similarly, everyone with a technical role is encouraged to help out with things like finance, outreach, and sponsorship.

4. Will I get to choose my role and team?

McGill Robotics does its best to accommodate the preferences of all accepted recruits. Not everyone may get their first choice position; however, we try to optimize things as much as possible, and people usually get their first or second choice.

5. What level of commitment/how many hours a week will I need to dedicate to the team?

We are all students here and we understand that you have many other responsibilities to juggle throughout the school year. For that reason there is no specific minimum requirement to be on the team. You can work in whatever way is most comfortable for you. A standard week for most people would be attending a quick weekly meeting with your division and a spending some time at the Saturday worksession. All this being said, the team as a whole is an experience where the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!