Sponsor McGill Robotics

We are a team of passionate students from a wide variety of disciplines, from marketing to electrical engineering. By supporting McGill Robotics, you are aiding in the inspiration and training of the next generation of roboticists, business(wo)men, and scientists.

If you are interested in sponsoring McGill Robotics, please have a look at our sponsorship package and be sure to email us at sponsorship@mcgillrobotics.com


A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors!


Why sponsor McGill Robotics?

By sponsoring McGill Robotics, you are helping a group of ambitious and dedicated students pursue their passion for engineering while exposing them to the benefits of your services. All sponsors are prominently featured on our website, social media, and apparel, all of which help broadcast your name to the McGill community at large. Our different levels of sponsorship provide companies a cost-effective instrument for supporting the team, with different levels of sponsorship corresponding to respective levels of promotion. Details can be found in the sponsorship package.

We also do exciting things for our sponsors! For example, in May we held a “Bombardier Hackathon Night” where our members came together to work on various projects and regularly posted about a featured sponsor. Sponsoring McGill Robotics is a great way to increase your reach to McGill students, hire potential recruits, and obtain international exposure when we proudly wear your logo at our competitions!